Valcke Bowling Services Establishes Exclusive Partnership With FFBSQ

In a press release issued by Valcke Bowling Services, the company announced its partnership with the French Bowling Federation.

With over 30 years of experience, Valcke Bowling Services has always been a keen promoter of bowling as entertainment, but also is an active promoter of bowling as a sport.

As installer & distributor of the American brand Brunswick, but also as the proprietor of different bowling centers, the Valcke family works hard every day to promote ‘Bowling with a capital B”. Furthermore, Valcke is organizer and partner of different international bowling tournaments.

We are then also happy to announce that after several years of partnership with the FFBSQ, the French bowling federation, we have taken our partnership to the next level: Valcke is now the exclusive partner of the FFBSQ.

Next to the financial and material support for the French teams, Valcke will also play a big role in the further growth of the ‘bowling schools’. Here, young bowlers can get trainings and formations from experienced bowlers. Young bowlers also enjoy bowling at a lower price at the participating bowling centers.

This partnership goes hand in hand with the continuing growth of sport bowling in France, which is well-known for its high standard. Valcke Bowling Service & the FFBSQ strive to build a partnership that defends and underlines the importance of bowling as a sport.