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1 Year Envoy+ Limited Warranty

Thank you for your purchase of the ENVOY+ Upgrade Kit! The warranty period begins on the date of installation.

This kit qualifies for a Brunswick Limited* 1-Year warranty on the 2x tablets and the two-piece cover assembly.

*ENVOY+ tablet glass is made from Corning’s “Gorilla Glass III” and includes an additional pre-installed “Accessory Glass II” screen protector (also made by Corning) for your added protection. Therefore, tablet screen damage is not covered under this warranty, and remains the end-user’s responsibility for repair through the Brunswick Electronic Repair Center (ERC) if the tablet glass is damaged.

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Brunswick ERC Envoy GUI Buyback Program

Thank you for your interest in the Brunswick ERC Envoy GUI Buyback Program.

Brunswick Electronic Repair Center (ERC) will buy your Envoy GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Purchasers of the ENVOY+ Upgrade Kit can return their GUI to the Brunswick ERC in exchange for a $350 credit to their account within 30 days** of the date of installation of the ENVOY+ Upgrade Kit.

**If returned beyond 30 days, the ERC reserves the right to offer a reduced credit value below this promotional value to purchase your GUI, representative of the current market value.

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