Sync One Terms and Conditions

Goods and Services

  1. The goods outlined under Sync® One™ in the goods schedule
  2. Services provided:
    1. Sync Scoring
      1. Scoring
      2. Existing and future standard game offerings (excludes augmented reality integration)
      3. On-lane advertising
    2. Sync Management (one license)
    3. Sync Office
    4. Hardware warranty throughout agreement term
    5. Crown Advantage Platinum
      1. Brunswick Technical Support
      2. Software updates
      3. Brunswick Cloud
      4. Open Lane App Services

No Transfer

  1. Buyer may not transfer the intellectual property, by the sale of the hardware or otherwise, without seller’s prior written consent and payment of seller’s recertification fee.

Terms and Rates

  1. Your agreement begins on the day your installation is completed monthly for no less than 36 months (three years).
  2. Early termination fee: If buyer terminates this agreement before 36 payments in full, BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC reserves the right to assess an early termination fee up to the amount of the remaining payments.
  3. Before your new service specified period is set to begin, you may cancel your service at any time and your cancellation shall take effect after we have had a reasonable opportunity to act on your notice.
  4. BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC is NEVER responsible for the removal of hardware unless hardware removal services are available for purchase from BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC.
  5. We may change any terms, conditions, rates, fees, expenses, or charges regarding your service, and this agreement, at any time following the initial 36 payments in full. Increases will be limited to no more than 4% annually for 10 years from the completion date. We will provide you with notice of such changes in an email message. You agree to provide us your email address and to notify us if you make any changes to your email address, so we can notify you of such changes.

Email to:


BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC may interrupt or terminate your service without notice:

  1. For any conduct that we believe violates this agreement or BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC's sales agreement;
  2. If you behave in an abusive, derogatory, or similarly unreasonable manner;
  3. Any abusive use of our services;
  4. You use your hardware and/or our services for an unlawful or fraudulent purpose;
  5. If we have reasonable cause to believe that your use of our service is being used for an unlawful purpose or in a way that (i) is harmful to, interferes with, or may adversely affect our network, (ii) interferes with the use or enjoyment of services received by others, (iii) infringes intellectual property rights, (iv) results in the publication of threatening or offensive material, or (v) if you provide inaccurate information;
  6. If your payment method is declined, rejected or withheld by your payment institution, if you fail to make all required payments when due, or if we reasonably believe there has been fraudulent payment activity in connection with your service;
  7. You resell our services either alone or as part of any other good or service;
  8. You modify your hardware from its manufacturer's specifications;
  9. BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC's rights under this section are in addition to any specific rights that we reserve in other provisions of this agreement to interrupt, suspend, modify, or cancel your services and terminate your agreement;
  10. BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC is NEVER responsible for the removal of hardware unless hardware removal services are purchased from BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC;
  11. Buyer terminates or suspends its business, becomes subject to a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding under federal or state law which is not dismissed within 60 days after filing, or becomes insolvent or subject to direct control by a trustee, receiver, or similar authority;
  12. A change in ownership or control of goods, except as authorized by seller – BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC;
  13. Buyer’s breach of any provision of this sales agreement that is not cured 60 days after written notice.

On any termination, buyer will return to seller all media containing the intellectual property, including disks, memory components, or other storage devices, and will destroy all other copies of the intellectual property.


  1. Hardware extended warranty applies only to goods included in Sync One.
  2. No warranty will apply to any hardware which has been:
    1. Modified, altered, or adapted without BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC’s written consent (including modification or removal of the BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC serial number tag on the hardware);
    2. Damaged by bowler abuse or the center, as determined by BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC;
    3. Maltreated or used in a manner other than in accordance with the relevant documentation;
    4. Repaired by any third party in a manner which fails to meet BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC’s quality standards;
    5. Improperly installed by any party other than BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC or an authorized BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC certified installation partner or in contradiction of Brunswick Technical Support (BTS) instruction;
    6. Used with equipment or software not covered by a BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC warranty, to the extent that the problems are attributable to such use;
    7. Relocated, to the extent that problems are attributable to such relocation;
    8. Purchased from any entity other than BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC or a BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC authorized reseller.
  3. BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC does not guarantee that the programs will perform error-free or uninterrupted or that BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC will correct all program errors.
  4. Future offerings: Participation in the Sync One platform does not entitle the buyer to future product offerings as defined by BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS LLC, including but not limited to:
    1. Payment processing capabilities;
    2. Ordering from the lane.