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Deck Chute Conditioner

Improve the durability and performance of deck chutes. Longer lasting and more stable, this Advanced Performance deck chute conditioner has been designed to minimize deck jams by allowing pins to slide easily through the chutes.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved formula promotes longer chute life
  • Durable and more stable
  • Minimizes deck jams and downtime

Part Number

62-860029-000 - (1 Quart)


Center Maintenance Catalog

Brunswick's comprehensive center maintenance products and supplies have been trusted by center owners for generations. Explore our maintenance supply catalog to find the next solution for your center's care needs.

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Deck Chute Conditioner Safety Data Sheet

Global Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) Safety Data Sheet. Information is made available in PDF format. Languages available for the European Union (EU) and North America (NA).

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