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Kickback Plate

This solid, active kickback plate will provide improved pin action and more consistent scoring than old, dead plates.

Features and Benefits

  • When kickback plates become soft or loose, they absorb energy from pins, reducing pin action and affecting bowlers’ scores
  • Durable, impact-resistant plate is made from a solid piece of phenolic material protecting wood kickback from damage over time
  • The flexible material won’t delaminate or splinter
  • All sharp edges are removed to prevent damage to ball and pins
  • The surface is non-marking to pins
  • Sanded back surface ensures secure mounting. For the strongest bond, use Brunswick Adhesive (11-676047-000)
  • Predrilled

Part Numbers

52-200005-002 - (R.H. 7-pin side 16" x 40" front plate for GS-Series or armor frame)
52-200005-004 - (L.H. 10-pin side 16" x 40" front plate for GS-Series or armor frame)
52-200005-003 - (29" x 22" rear plate for GS-Series)
21-088674-000 - (21-3⁄4" x 19" rear plate)
21-088675-000 - (33" x 15" front wood kickback plate)


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