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OEM Plus™ Blue Deck Chute

Arguably the most functional urethane deck chute in today’s marketplace. Developed through a focused effort by Brunswick engineers, material scientists and bowling center mechanics. Designed to provide perfect balance between durability, slipperiness, and functionality.

Features and Benefits

  • Injection molded using premium Bayer® urethane. Resulting in no cracks even after years of use
  • A very low coefficient of friction allows the pins to easily pass through the chute with no pin jams.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

Part Numbers

12-200808-502 – #1
12-200837-500 – #5
12-200808-503 – #7, #10
12-200900-500 – Multi


Genuine Brunswick Parts Catalog

Genuine Brunswick parts are the originals – precision engineered for your equipment, refined with knowledge that can only be drawn from over 50 years of experience in the parts business.


Tech Tip

Pins sticking in the deck chute? Consider these possible causes: improper pin maintenance, bad deck rollers, deck pad interference as well as dirty or damaged chutes. We do not recommend trimming the skirt of the deck chute. Trimming jeopardizes the strength and support of the chute. It puts more stress on the mounting flange leading to cracks and tears in the flange. Trimmed chutes can also cause damage to the base rings of pins by exposing them to the metal edge of the moving deck.