Brunswick Bowling Introduces Boost ST, the World's Only Future-Proof String Pinsetter

MUSKEGON, Mich., June 6, 2023 – Brunswick Bowling has introduced Boost ST, the world’s only future-proof string pinsetter. Boost’s forward-thinking design and engineering incorporate advanced sport technologies to improve performance, safety, efficiency, and the bowler experience.

“Boost has no equal in the marketplace today,” said Mike Resterhouse, Brunswick product manager. “Leveraging the Brunswick Cloud, Brunswick’s future-proof 360 Controller allows for endless updates in functionality and features, helping centers to keep up as the industry evolves without needing to replace hardware. Plug-and-play integration with the Sync scoring and management system takes competitive play, guest satisfaction, center operations, and maintenance to the next level, while significantly reducing ongoing labor and operating costs for center proprietors.”

Realistic pin action and consistent scoring enhance guest satisfaction. Boost’s USBC-certified commercial-grade design and construction include longer string length and denser kickbacks leading to a more authentic bowling experience. Brunswick’s exclusive on-demand pinsetting feature lets bowlers enjoy the unique pin arrangements used by Sync games and league training features, creating the kind of unique, engaging experiences that keep guests longer. Boost is compatible with any major scoring system on the market.

“When Brunswick's Boost string machine was introduced we jumped at the chance to switch our 20-lane FEC to strings,” said Rob Szabo, president of Palasad Ltd, which operates Palasad South in London, Ontario, Canada. “Boost string machines tick all the boxes: no spending labor dollars on babysitting machines, easy to maintain, great guest experience, full safety guarding, and Sync integration.”

The 360 Controller’s adaptive detangling feature automatically resolves potential pin tangles 99.99% of the time without staff intervention, resulting in a better guest experience and happier staff members. An intuitive, easy-to-learn touchscreen user interface makes operation and maintenance easy. The 360 Controller seamlessly updates user interface improvements, performance features (such as detangling), and other functionality on an ongoing basis.

“We’re getting about 13,000 frames per stop with Boost,” said Szabo. “We couldn’t be happier with the performance. No other machine on the market offered an FPS anywhere close to Boost’s.”

“Boost ST is the natural, USBC-certified evolution of our popular StringPin pinsetter, building on the proven engineering and next-generation technology of the GS freefall series,” said Brandon Meigs, Brunswick vice president of product solutions. “Boost is designed to be simple enough for any staff member to operate, and its modular construction means components can be switched out onsite by center staff. Energy-efficient technology shuts off the motors when not in use, so it uses more than 70% less energy than traditional pinsetters. It all adds up to cost savings for the center while delivering an exceptional experience for guests.”

Boost’s commercial-grade construction boasts the same heavy-duty steel frames and injection molded components as Brunswick’s GS-NXT. Access to machine components is easy, via the rear of the machine. A movable curtain further improves performance and access—pins don’t get stuck on the curtain, and staff can safely detangle strings from the rear of the machine.

Brunswick’s Pronto center operations app provides real-time pinsetter operational alerts and troubleshooting, saving time and ensuring optimal performance. Cloud-based data tracking allows access to critical performance reporting from anywhere.

“Boost is the clear choice among string pinsetters,” said Corey Dykstra, Brunswick CEO. “Brunswick is the industry’s only provider of both capital equipment and consumer products, a proud supplier of capital equipment to the USBC, and producer of the world’s leading freefall pinsetter series. Given Brunswick’s exceptional support and commitment to ongoing, software-driven innovation, proprietors can be assured that Boost will be the right choice well into the future.”

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