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Brunswick’s Boost ST string pinsetter incorporates advanced sport technologies to elevate performance, safety, operational efficiency, and the bowler experience. Different by design, the USBC-certified Boost ST is the only cloud-enabled string pinsetter built to last and adapt as business needs change.


Boost ST isn’t equal to other string pinsetters—it’s far better. Boost stands alone in delivering the flexibility and agility to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings, combined with durability for the long haul. Incorporating the future-forward engineering of the Brunswick Cloud and 360 Controller, Boost is the only USBC-certified, cloud-enabled string pinsetter ready to evolve and adapt with the industry well into the future.

Boost 360 Controller-0


Boost ST has no equal in the marketplace today.

Brunswick’s exclusive 360 Controller is the most innovative pinsetter software platform in the bowling industry. Leveraging the Brunswick Cloud, the 360 Controller’s powerful yet flexible software allows proprietors to enjoy endless updates in functionality and features without the need to replace hardware. The Controller seamlessly updates performance features (such as detangling), user interface improvements, and other functionality.

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Boost is fully compatible with any major scoring system, delivering all the quality, durability, and performance you’d expect of a Brunswick product. Even better, Boost integrates seamlessly with the Brunswick Cloud, Sync scoring and center management system, and all of Brunswick’s plug-and-play solutions. Special features reserved for Sync users include on-demand games, error reports, and the Pronto operations app.

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Realistic pin action and consistent scoring enhance guest satisfaction. Boost’s USBC-certified, commercial-grade design and construction include longer string length and denser kickbacks that lead to a more authentic bowling experience. Boost’s exclusive on-demand pinsetting lets bowlers enjoy games and league training features that require unique pin arrangements.

The 360 Controller’s adaptive detangling feature automatically resolves 99.99% of frames bowled without staff intervention, resulting in a better guest experience and happier staff members.

Boost Commercial Grade Kickbacks-0


Boost ST was designed by the same expert engineers who developed Brunswick’s iconic GS freefall pinsetter line. Modeled after the GS NXT, Boost is designed with rock-solid reliability you won’t find in any other string pinsetter. Durable 100% phenolic-covered kickbacks, steel frames, and locking ball door minimize your business risk. Boost is designed to be durable and perform reliably for years to come.

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Boost ST doesn’t require mechanical expertise—in fact, Boost’s intuitive touchscreen makes it simple enough for any staff member anywhere, from the front desk to the kitchen, to operate. Boost’s self-detangling mode allows for less downtime, and its modular design means components can be quickly replaced in the field by center staff. Boost uses smart, energy-efficient technology that only runs motors when needed, reducing energy consumption by more than 70% compared to traditional freefall pinsetters—thereby costing less to run. And Boost features 80% fewer components than traditional pinsetters, with no components that require regular maintenance (other than strings and pins).

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The Pronto operations app provides your staff with real-time pinsetter operational alerts and troubleshooting, saving time and ensuring optimal performance from your pinsetter. Cloud-based data tracking allows access to critical performance reporting from anywhere.

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Boost ST is the only pinsetter on the market with a fully guarded machine, with all adjustments made from the rear of the machine. When detangling or replacing pins, the movable curtain provides improved access for optimal safety. Boost is UL- and CE-certified.

Boost USBC-IBF Certified - 1360x890-0


Boost is USBC- and IBF-certified for competitive play. In fact, Brunswick string pinsetters were used at the 2022 Bolivarian Games—the first sanctioned international bowling tournament to use string pinsetters in industry history.

“When Brunswick's Boost string machine was introduced, we jumped at the chance to switch our 20-lane FEC to strings. Boost string machines tick all the boxes: no spending labor dollars on babysitting machines, easy to maintain, great guest experience, full safety guarding, and Sync integration. We’re getting about 13,000 frames per stop with Boost. We couldn’t be happier with the performance. No other machine on the market offered an FPS anywhere close to Boost’s.”

- Rob Szabo, Palasad South, London, Ontario, Canada
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With more than 140 years of experience and products installed in more than 70% of the world’s bowling centers, Brunswick is the industry’s only provider of both capital equipment and consumer products. As the industry leader in competitive and open-play bowling, Brunswick is proud to be the official capital equipment supplier of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open and Women’s Championships and the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA).

Boost ST is backed by Brunswick’s exceptional ongoing support and commitment to software-driven upgradability and innovation. Like all Brunswick products, Boost comes with unmatched installation, training, 24/7 tech support, service, and warranty from the biggest name in bowling. You can be assured that Boost will perform the moment it’s installed and for many years to come.

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