Avalanche Solid


Spec Table
Spec Label Spec Value
Level Affordable
Part Number 60-104773-93X
Color Blue / Silver Pearl
Core Light Bulb
Coverstock PowrKoil 18 Solid
Cover Type Solid
Finish Rough Buff
Weights 10-16 lbs.
Hook 95
Length 125
RG 2.524 (15 lb.)
DIFF 0.024 (15 lb.)
Warranty One year from purchase date

Drilling Instructions

Brunswick provides general purpose drilling layouts which will apply to every bowler differently based on multiple variables. These variables include the bowler's ball speed, rev rate, axis rotation & tilt, and lane conditions. All or most of these variables should be known so that the best possible layout can be chosen for each ball. We recommend that you contact your local Pro Shop Professional for more detailed layouts and how to apply them to your game for each ball in your arsenal.


Avalanche Solid Ball Talker


Avalanche Series Info Sheet


Avalanche Series Catalog Spread from 2009 Catalog