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Transform Your Bowling Center at Bowl Expo 2024

Get ready to elevate your bowling business with Brunswick's cutting-edge innovations! Join us at Booth 1159 for an exclusive look at the technologies revolutionizing the industry. From powerful pinsetters and scoring systems to immersive experiences and stylish furniture, we're bringing you the tools to attract, engage, and retain your guests.

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The Future of Pinsetting is Here: Boost ST

Discover the Boost ST, the most advanced, user-friendly, dual-purpose, USBC-approved, and future-proof string pinsetter on the market. Experience its unmatched reliability, ease of maintenance, and cutting-edge tech features like the 360 controller and Pronto Center Operations Mobile App.

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Power Your Center with Sync® Magnus

Streamline your operations with Sync® Magnus, our comprehensive management system. Elevate your point-of-sale interactions, boost efficiency, and gain data-driven insights. Plus, check out the new automated game card dispenser on the Sync Service Kiosk!

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Put Your Bowling Center in Your Guests' Hands

Revolutionize the guest experience with the OpenLane Mobile App. Allow guests to book lanes, order food and beverages, track scores, and much more – fostering loyalty and driving return visits.

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Ignite Excitement with Immersive Bowling

Transform your lanes into a next-generation entertainment hub with Spark Augmented Reality Bowling and Nitro® LED lighting. This powerful combo, fully integrated with Sync, delivers an unforgettable, interactive experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

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Set the Stage for Ultimate Comfort & Style

Enhance the ambiance of your center with Center Stage Furniture. Designed for bowlers and spectators alike, these pieces combine durability, flexibility, and modern design to create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere.

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Boost ST® String Pinsetter

See the future of pinsetting in action! Schedule a live demo of the Boost ST® string pinsetter and discover its cutting-edge technology and unmatched reliability.

Brunswick Cloud

Ready to streamline your bowling center operations? Embrace the power of Brunswick Cloud, the ultimate management solution. Sign up now for an immersive demo and witness firsthand how Brunswick Cloud can revolutionize your business. Don't miss out – secure your spot today!

Envoy+/Max Lane Machines

Are you tired of time-consuming lane maintenance tasks? Say goodbye to manual labor and embrace the efficiency of Envoy+/Max Lane Machines. Join us for an enlightening demo and learn how these advanced machines can transform your maintenance routine. Sign up now to secure your spot – limited availability!

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