GS-X Pinsetters

The GS-X pinsetter raises performance and reliability levels while lowering costs for energy, parts, and maintenance for a faster return on your investment. Brunswick’s years of experience, advanced engineering, and integration of new technology have made the GS-X the industry’s premier pinsetter.
—Ray Baudoin and Leland Adcock, Proprietor and Mechanic

Keep your lanes running nonstop with the legendary reliability and performance of the latest generation of Brunswick GS® Series pinsetters — the undisputed frames-per-stop champion.

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Unsurpassed Reliability

GS-X pinsetters are the most reliable pinsetters ever, with the highest frames-per-stop (FPS) rating in the industry. The unsurpassed reliability of GS-X pinsetters means happier bowlers, resulting in increased lineage, bowler retention, and revenue. For league bowlers looking to improve their game, the GS-X offers on-demand pin setting allowing centers to offer spare practice with any pin combination. Unlike other pinsetters, GS-X doesn't rely on a camera to capture its scoring information. Known for their susceptibility to lighting conditions—be it Cosmic bowling conditions or the bright iridescence of LED pin deck lighting—GS-X has forgone cameras to detect pinfall to ensure that bowlers scores are always accurate.

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Amazing Performance Statistics

Weekly performance of GS-X pinsetters at a recent USBC® event averaged more than 8,500 FPS, with the remarkable average of more than 10,000 FPS on 280,000 frames of play during one week (about 40,000 frames per day of play). At the 2009 World Tenpin Bowling Association Women’s Championships, the GS-X achieved an unprecedented 31,000 FPS throughout the entire event. Another testament to the performance-powerhouse that is the GS-X is a report from one of the world’s busiest centers who claims that its GS-X pinsetters are still going strong after 2 million frames played — that’s 30 years of use for the average center.

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Pin Setting On Demand

The unmatched pinsetter control available to center staff and bowlers puts the power of GS-X in their hands. Thanks to the integration of Brunswick's Sync Scoring and Management System, bowlers can enjoy games and league training features that require complex pin arrangements and mechanics. League bowlers especially love this added flexibility, as it gives rise to new innovations like the myShot spare trainer which lets bowlers pick and repeat attempts at a favorite spare pattern.

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Lower Energy Costs

Save energy — and money — by upgrading your pinsetter to GS-X. This system runs on three-phase power, a more efficient solution than single phase technology, and only requires one source to power two pinsetters. This, in combination with the smart technology that runs the ball accelerator motor and pinsetter only when needed, helps reduce center's power usage by up to 10%.

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Less Labor & Lower Maintenance

GS-X Pinsetters keep the mechanics simple, making them easier to train on and operate. The GS-X system is easily serviceable by staff who aren’t career-long bowling mechanics. Troubleshooting is also simplified with integrated self-diagnostics and easy-to-read LCD displays. In fact, centers report annual savings of 30-40% after replacing an older pinsetter.

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Genuine Brunswick Parts

Brunswick offers a comprehensive line of GS-X, GS series, StringPin, and A-2 pinsetter parts, built on precision engineering and real-world experience to provide peak performance. Find all of the OEM parts specially designed for your pinsetter by working with a local certified Brunswick distributor to ensure the highest reliability of your GS pinsetters.

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Certified Pinsetter Service Program

For GS-Series and StringPin Pinsetters

Commercial Centers

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Certified Pinsetter Service Program

For GS-Series and StringPin Pinsetters

Residential or Centers with 6 Lanes or Less

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